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Simon is often commissioned to paint family members, children, parents, spouses, loved ones or scenery. Time moves quickly, the years go by, but Simon's portraits are an eternal visual statement of a defining moment: a child growing up, a parent retiring, an anniversary, a special trip, an unforgettable memory.

His art conveys the beauty of the moment in a way that a photograph or digital media cannot. Simon's portraits capture the essence of the person or scene painted ... not just the physical appearance, but also the character, the life story, the emotions.

If there are elements within your request which you would like to change - then simon can certainly help.

If you have a special request,then all you need to do is ask.


Step 1: make contact by filling out our quick guide art commission information quote form.

Step 2: we provide you with a quote and iron out any fine details by direct contact.

Step 3: You pay 50% deposit and email us the image that you would like commissioned along with proof of payment.

The commission is completed and you pay 50% balance. The art commission will then be delivered directly to you.

This quote request is preliminary and before the project commences an agreement must be signed and returned before Simon can schedule or begin this job.

Personal Information
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Scope of Project
What is the theme of art that you require?
pet portrait still life landscape
infant/child portrait popular reproduction    
Which type of painting would you like to order?
Original sketch Acrylic Pencil
Oil on canvas  Chalk    
Image Dimensions:
5" x 7" 11" x 17" 8" x 10"
other (please specify) -----› width (cm) height (cm)
Require by a certain date If yes please specify:

Terms & Conditions:

Payment Amounts: Fees/selling price will be decided by the parties per individual artwork. Standard sizes and prices are as noted on the Size/Price Sheet unless otherwise agreed upon. Fee will be based upon canvas/paper size and complexity of completed work and will be consistent with other comparable works by Artist at the time of sale. Parties will agree to price in writing prior to the commencement of each artwork. Painting/sketch sizes will be mutually determined by the Artist and Client.

Payment Terms:
A nonrefundable deposit of one-half of the selling price is required before work commences. Payment in full is due upon receipt of artwork(s).

Delivery Time: From placing an order to completion of project takes approximately 30 days to complete and deliver, depending on the size and medium of choice. Acceptance of special delivery dates can only be confirmed on review of application for commission.

Right of Refusal: It is the intent of all projects that the Artist create artwork for the Client that the Client will purchase. However, if, after the work is completed, the Client does not wish to purchase the work, the Client may refuse the created artwork. In that case, the Artist will retain the refused artwork and the nonrefundable deposit, free of any claims or interests of the Client and the Client will owe no additional fees to the Artist. A refusal will not affect the purchase price of future created artworks. The Artist does, however, reserve the right of refusal of service to any Patron who displays a history of repeated refusals.

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